You can do simple repairs on your own. More complicated ones may require a visit at a tailor or a 4F store. 4F clothes of any type can be repaired at 4F stores.

The clothes you already own are the most environmentally friendly, so take care of them and wear them as long as possible. If you have to buy something new, choose clothes made of high-quality materials that do not lose their shape, do not stretch, and are much easier to repair. By repairing clothes you care for the planet: you save water necessary for their production, you reduce the amount of pollution that gets into the environment, and you produce less waste. (more about it here).

That's why you should repair instead of throwing things away! You can do simple repairs on your own. With more complicated ones visit a tailor or pay us a visit.

From March 20, 2023, the repair service is available at every 4F store and covers all types of 4F clothes.

Bring damaged clothes to one of our stores and bring them to the checkout. A sales clerk will assess whether the repair is possible and will accept the order, providing information on the price and pick-up date.

Price list

Repair type
Price (PLN)
Rip, tear, hole
24,99 - 39,99
1 defect
Main zipper replacement (1 standard zipper)
59,99 - 69,99
zipper included in the service price
Main zipper replacement (1 waterproof zipper)
69,99 - 79,99
zipper included in the service price
Pocket zipper replacement (1 standard zipper)
34,99 - 44,99
zipper included in the service price
Slider replacement (slider)
14,99 - 19,99
1 slider
Snap fastener replacement (nap)
1 snap fastener
Velcro replacement
1 Velcro piece
Rubber repair/replacement
29,99 - 34,99
1 piece
Puller/stopper replacement
24,99 - 29,99
set - whole product
Terms and conditions* excluding seasonal stands

Order a courier

Pack your clothes in a box and order a free courier to collect them from you.


Bring them to one of our stores

Bring your clothes to one of the 4F shops (the collection points are in all of them), and drop them off into the special container with the 4F Change logo.