Order a curier

3 steps that separate you from giving your clothes a second life:


Choose the clothes you want to give away

You can donate all kind of clothes – women’s, men’s, children’s, in all sizes and colors. Just make sure they are clean and not too used, i.e. they don’t have holes and permanent stains that cannot be removed.

We collect garments from all brands, not only 4F, so give away all the clothes that can be given a second life.


Pack your clothes

Pack your clothes into a cardboard box – its dimensions should be similar to a cabin luggage – and close it properly. But before sending it, double check your closet! Maybe you’ve got more clothes that you don’t wear than just this one hoodie or pants? Maybe your family or friends would also like to clean out their wardrobes and give the unwanted clothes a second life? It would be definitely much better from the planet’s point of view if the courier didn’t have to come twice!


Order a free courier

Fill in the form below and order a free courier that will pick up the parcel from you. You only need to provide your address and the pick-up date. Don’t worry if you can’t print out the shipping label – the courier will bring it.

Fill in the form

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Choose how you want to hand over the parcel

Instead of ordering a courier, you can deliver the cartons by yourself to the nearest DPD Pickup point. Remember that the weight of the parcel handed over at a DPD Pickup point cannot exceed 20 kg.

If you can’t print out the shipping label, order a courier to your place. In such a case, one carton can weight up to 30 kg.

Order a courier

Pack your clothes in a box and order a free courier to collect them from you.


Bring them to one of our stores

Bring your clothes to one of the 4F shops (the collection points are in all of them), and drop them off into the special container with the 4F Change logo.