Our motivation

Ecology is not a passing trend. We are aware of how the clothing industry affects the planet. We take responsibility for our impact.

Critical condition
of the planet

The impact of
fashion brands

We take


Our strategy

We start the change from ourselves. Following the Kaizen philosophy, we believe that small steps lead to the big change. „We act both inside the company as well as outside, by taking part in external environmental projects.”



We are making changes in our operations regarding both processes and workplaces. We emphasize operating with respecting people and the environment.




We change our thinking through education. We are learning how how our personal attitudes affect the planet. We give our employees the knowledge and tools to make a difference.




We care about our environment by involving our environmental projects and partnerships with individuals and and organizations that benefit the planet.




We are making changes in the way we create. We are gradually changing our products to be more sustainable and extend the life of existing clothings.



Towards circular fashion

From 2022, we are implementing a program that aims at closing the loop and transitioning towards circular fashion. It’s about both designing clothes in a more sustainable way and giving the ones that already exist a second life.

step 2

You’re bored with your clothes?

Give them away so they can be reused.


Things you can do to help the planet!

Help us save the planet and join our circular program. Bring the clothes you don’t use to one of the 4F stores and close the loop. Thanks to you, instead of ending up in a landfill, they will get a second life and bring joy to their new owner, and you’ll not only help the planet but also support the 4F POMAGA Foundation.

get rid of

unwanted clothes from your wardrobe

from your wardrobe


1 kg = 1 zloty

for the 4F Foundation


a discount

for 4Fclothes


a new life to your clothes and

close the loop


Become a changemaker


At Ubrania do Oddania we put words into ACTION! What 4 years ago seemed to be a dream, now is a reality as circular fashion becomes a thing! It’s not a vision of change anymore, it’s a real change of fashion market that takes place in front of our eyes. There’s still plenty to do and we continuously learn how to effectively promote closed loop approach among fashion brands. Thanks to the projects led with our partners such as OTCF, we know for sure that it’s possible on a huge scale!

Get to know our ChangemakersDownload the manual “How to become a Changemaker“

Order a courier

Pack your clothes in a box and order a free courier to collect them from you.


Bring them to one of our stores

Bring your clothes to one of the 4F shops (the collection points are in all of them), and drop them off into the special container with the 4F Change logo.