Our strategy

Below we present the strategy for the years 2020-2023. CURRENTLY, WE ARE WORKING ON OUR STRATEGY FOR THE YEARS 2024-2026. If you have any questions for us, write to: info@4fchange.com.





We change the way we think through education. We want to learn how our own actions influence the planet. We give our employees the knowledge and the tools that will help them bring the change.




We make changes in the processes and in our workplace in general. We put emphasis on acting with respect to people and environment.




We are implementing changes in our production methods. Gradually, we are aligning our products with the guidelines of the EU textile strategy and extending the lifespan of existing garments.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted unanimously the resolution called Agenda 2030, that lists 17 Sustainable Development Goals concerning three different aspects of development: economic, social and environmental. See how 4F works on selected goals.


Program aiming at closing the loop and transitioning towards circular fashion.

It focuses on both designing clothes in a more sustainable way and giving the ones that already exist a second life by renewing, repairing and upcycling.


This garment got a second life. Before that, it was sorted out from the clothes donated by our customers, thoroughly washed and cleaned.


Two directions for change

New products

Zawierają materiały, potwierdzone certyfikatami niezależnych instytucji certyfikujących lub licencjami. Szczegółowy skład ubrań i akcesoriów umieszczamy na zawieszkach i na kartach produktów w sklepie internetowym.

Eco product

Second life

We extend the lifespan of already existing clothes

Second life

Order a courier

Pack your clothes in a box and order a free courier to collect them from you.


Bring them to one of our stores

Bring your clothes to one of the 4F shops (the collection points are in all of them), and drop them off into the special container with the 4F Change logo.