On October 17th, we launched a project called “Nie szukaj dziury w całym” (Don’t pick holes in it). Its goal? To educate our customers about clothes mending and to encourage them to buy the repaired ones that are available in Wear_Fair zones in selected 4F stores.

Since well over a year, clothes that got a second life can be bought in Wear_Fair zones. We marked them with different hangtags that tell their story: RENEWED, REVIVED, REPAIRED and UPCYCLED. We do realize that some of our clients may have doubts whether buying clothes that were somehow damaged, had holes or rips, makes sense. Our „Don’t pick holes in it!” action aims at showing that such garments not only are not worse but actually sometimes the fact that they got repaired makes them even more attractive. By mending your clothes you can make them unique in a way that will reflect your personality and style.

For the first time since the start of Wear_Fair program, the garments have now VISIBLE mending, for example a bright patch to cover a hole or an entire sleeve in a different color. What’s important – all fabrics used for repairs are also second-hand. All these clothes are marked with an additional, permanent tag containing a message that we want to share: “DON’T PICK HOLES IN IT! We’ve already found and mended them. This garment had some rips and tears but we repaired it so it can get a second life. In order to do so, we used fabrics from other damaged clothes. You can wear it with pride because it’s unique. Welcome to the Changemakers team!”.


The project is once again a collabo with our partner Ubrania do Oddania. UDO will take care of washing, cleaning and repairing the clothes that will be available in Wear_Fair zones in two shopping centers: Arkadia in Warsaw and Bonarka in Krakow.

The project is supported by Ola Kubiak – a passionate vintage clothes hunter (find her on Instagram at @ola.kubiak) and Zuzanna Krzątała, podcast host and sustainability manager at Vogue Poland (IG: @zubizubizu). There will approx. 250 pieces on sale so from October 17th look among clothes with the REPAIRED hangtag for those who have an additional DON’T PICK HOLES IN IT one.

Order a courier

Pack your clothes in a box and order a free courier to collect them from you.


Bring them to one of our stores

Bring your clothes to one of the 4F shops (the collection points are in all of them), and drop them off into the special container with the 4F Change logo.